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Custom designs


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Custom Designs

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Mom. Artist. Educator. 



Thank you for supporting my passion for making and sharing beautiful art.


I started my mosaic hobby about 10 years ago (coincidentally right around the time I became a Mom for the first time!) Mosaic time is my time to relax and create something beautiful. I enjoy seeing the colors of the natural spaces I love come through in my work. The beach at sunrise, the purple hue over a green mountain range and the blues and greens of the ocean. I've always found mosaics to be a calming and rewarding medium to work with.


Please check out my Kits and Tutorials section of my shop if you're interested in learning how fun and easy it is to create your own beautiful mosaic pieces!



Mosaic Kits

My mosaic kits are easy and fun! All kits include free shipping, an in depth video tutorial, and all the supplies you need to make some amazing art. Featured kits include pendants, earrings, address signs, framed plaques and heart rocks. 


Home and Garden

I offer custom mosaic pieces that range from frames to mosaic plant pots to my classic heart rocks. Each piece is thoughtfully and carefully hand crafted and reflect the color schemes found in the natural world. 


Mosaic Jewelry

Jewelry is my newest line and I have such fun working within such a small "frame". Some of my pieces highlight different complementary colors  while others showcase an actual mini nature scene. 

Cheree M.

"I had a great time doing an online Mosaic class with Katie. Her easy-going and kind heart really made for a fun class. Thank you, Katie, for teaching me something new! My kids even loved using the leftover pieces to make their own project!"

Lea-Marie H.

"Took a class through Nature's Mosaic - super comprehensive, so much fun, and I'm absolutely in love with the end product. 10/10 would recommend."

Mariola J.

"This amazing soul and teacher gave us an easy to follow step by step to make beautiful pendants! Being the non artsy that I am, Katie made it simple and fun. Thank you so much!"

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